Wednesday, March 20, 2019

120 Days

Yesterday Lottie celebrated 120 days of 1st grade.
All that means for me is that I've made
and my baby is growing up.
Actually, when you count all the Little Nies sandwiches,
 that's over 600 hundred sandwiches.  Holy cow!  
That's nearly 120 jars of peanut butter,
about 59 jars of jam, 24 jars of honey, and
 1,200 slices of bread, or 60 loaves of bread.
And we still have about 60 more days left of school.
Those are some pretty intense numbers.

Anyway, I dressed Lottie up as an old lady to celebrate this special day. 
 I don't have a lot of old lady accessories but 
I used my sweater pin, cheap pearls,
 and my amazing rectangle framed glasses from 2004.
 I also used some black eyeliner to draw wrinkles on her face.  
I wasn't very good at that part, but she was excited about it
and that's all that matters.
In the carpool lane before Lottie jumped out the door, 
I snapped this photo and chuckled to myself the whole way home.

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