Wednesday, March 18, 2015

St Patricks Day 2015

 I love holidays, so it's no surprise that we celebrated St. Patrick's Day like we do with all the other holidays on the calender- big.
I used to make green pancakes and 
green orange juice for the Little Nies for breakfast, 
but have since resorted to "Lucky Charms'.  
The Little Nies like them, and that means less work for me
 since I plan a big feast for our dinner. 
 I've downgraded, and the children don't let me forget it. (boo hoo for them).

Our usual Irish dinner is:

Irish ginger ale
And of course, chocolate coins, as per tradition.
 (Lottie!!!!! ha!)
I also added a drop of green food coloring to the bottom of each
of our glasses and then added lots of ice.
The Little Nies were so surprised to find their ginger ale had turned green!
(I'm so sneaky!)
For dessert, I made a 2-tone green cake complete with a rainbow on top.
The end.