Friday, March 15, 2019

Pi Day 2019

Yesterday in honor of Pi Day, I made a pie!
 I mean, you can't very well celebrate this day without eating a pie-
that would be a shame.
In the past on this day, we've gone out as a family to a restaurant for a slice,
or bought pies to serve at home, but this year I wanted to try my 
hand at making a homemade pie.  
Every year at Thanksgiving I get all jazzed about making pies,
and every year the pies I make usually fail.
I think making the crust is the worst part.
But today I was going to try my hand at it again.
I found online a delicious cream cheese pie crust recipe,
and a recipe for a sour cherry filling.
My pie actually looked pretty
(except for a few uneven and broken lattice strips),
 tasted good (except I loaded it with way too much cherry filling),
 and wasn't too complicated to make
 (except it probably could have cooked a bit longer).
I paired the pie with vanilla ice cream and mixed up some 
 whipped cream for the top.

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