Thursday, March 14, 2019

Greeting the Sun

There is something about making a bed that brings so much satisfaction.
It's a quick fix that can change the whole personality of a room-
(and my personality too).
But this morning my bed never got made because
I overslept hitting my snooze button twice.  And it didn't
help that Lottie was moving like molasses either.
This dang daylight savings is killing us,
 it's so dark outside when we wake up which 
makes greeting the sun seem so unnatural.

I had to wake up the boys twice and now we
were officially 11 minutes behind our already tight schedule.
Amazingly I got everyone to school on time.

When I came home from dropping the boys and Lottie
 off at school and after my daily run with Angus, I walked in the house 
and straight to my room to attend to the 
unfinished making the bed business.
After examining the unkempt sheets and dented pillows I 
 set my phone timer for 25 minutes, kicked my shoes off,
 and climbed back into my bed and fell asleep.

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