Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Helicopter Mama

Dear Nicholas,
Today you worked really hard to finish up your 
opinion report on animal actors.
It was hilarious but very insightful.  
We noted many famous animal actors like Crystal the monkey and Bart the bear.  
I learned through your research that some animal actors
 make more money than the average household in North Carolina. 
Crystal must really work hard for that money! 
(I think Crystal is a fantastic name for a monkey).
Sometimes I have to force you to do homework, and you hate it.
I've learned that I have to be "helicopter homework mama" 
because the second I step away to help another child or start dinner, 
or anything else, you seem to mentally step away too and then I'll find you
outside throwing the ball to Angus, or like today, making yourself a
big plate of chips and dip.
Today I happened upon an old blog post from 2007 when
we lived in Mesa, Arizona.
You were so so so cute, and you made me sooooo happy!
Looks like I am just as much of a helicopter mama to you then
as I am now, seems I can't stay away from your brown eyes!

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