Thursday, April 12, 2007

Perfect day.

It was one of those days.
A perfect day.
One of those lovely, happy days.
Those kinds of days where I just open the windows and let the
spring air flow in my house.
One of those ones.
One of those days where I lay on my bed
(while other three children
miraculously are the same time)
and nursed my adorable 6 month old blob of love while the mulberry tree (sparrows nest included)out my window rustled in the wind.

One of those days that reminded me why I love being a mother.
One of those days that reminded me of happy times.
One of those days that created another happy memory,
kinda like last night when
Mr. Nielson and I went to yoga together and I just melted with love for him.
He was so cute doing the poses and
winking at me in downward dog.
Look at this picture.
I even have freakin pony tails. Hot dog! That has never happened to me-seriously.
One perfect day down, millions more to go.