Monday, April 23, 2007

Lunch Naked

This is what we did today:
First, I rigged up an outdoor shower for the children.
It was a hit!
I was pretty surprised at how gross and dirty they can get 
just by playing in our backyard.
 This rigged-up shower has been a lifesaver.

We ate outside for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
(Arizona, you are a dream...right now anyway.
I might feel different about you in June).
We visited my favorite outdoor food market and bought the best
produce money can buy---err, I should say the best produce 
Page's money can buy.  Page bought the groceries.....thanks Page! :)
The kids ate lunch in the sun naked.

Page, you are welcome to the Nielson home anytime.
(And not just because you bought the groceries.)
But because I LOVE YOU, and you make me so happy!
We had some good times, didn't we!?
Remember that guy at the bakery who got mad at us for letting our
children pick the flowers from the sidewalk planters? 
Then he told us ABOUT 40 TIMES that the flowers were 
Then remember he also told us that it was mothers like us
who allow our children to drown in pools because we don't
watch them.

I'll watch your kids if you'll watch mine?

I love you forever. I am glad we are mothers TOGETHER!

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