Thursday, April 12, 2007

The Perfect Day.

It was one of those days.
A perfect day.

One of those lovely, happy days.
The kind of day where I could open the windows up wide
and let the spring air come blowing into the Lazona Estate!
The type of day where I could hear the birds chirping outside, 
and where successful long naps were taken, 
my children happy, and my heart content.
One of those kinds of days.
One of those days when I lay on my bed
(while the other three children ALL
miraculously the same time),
and nursed my adorable six-month-old blob-of-love, Nicholas, on my bed
without anyone else competing for my attention.
Out my window, I could hear the leaves on the mulberry tree rustle
in the soft, warm breeze.

Today reminded me of why I love being a mother, 
and all of the happy times I'm having now and to come.
A perfect day that has created another happy memory in my head,
kinda like last night when
Mr. Nielson and I went to yoga together and
 I just melted with love for him.
 He'd wink at me whenever we'd be in a downward dog.

And this perfect day proved I could finally get my short hair into a ponytail!
It's teeny-tiny, but hey, I'm on my way! Hot dog! 
This has never happened to me seriously,
I've had short hair all my life!!

One perfect day down, millions more to go.

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