Thursday, March 28, 2019

1st Grade Fingers

Today when I picked you up from the bus stop, 
you handed me a sprig of dainty white blossoms in
your dirty 1st grade fingers.

Then you told me that you left your sweater and your
 water bottle on the playground.
Awesome news!

We went home and you washed your hands while I began
cutting some cantaloupe up.
I think you ate the entire thing because you were eating the chunks
as fast as I was cutting them up, and pretty soon it was gone.

Then you made a birthday paper chain out of pink construction paper.
Six more days until you turn seven.
I. Can't. Even....

Then you met your two cute little boy//friends,
whom we call "WeeLi" in the park in front of the house and
then I didn't see you until dinner.

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