Friday, March 29, 2019

Soooooo Looooooong.

Today after a looooong day at school, Claire and Jane walked
 through the door with heavy backpacks, hungry bellies, 
and exhausted bodies.
These days are long (5:30 am-4:30 pm long).

Today a little brown box came in the mail addressed to Claire.
 I situated the box on the counter just right so that when Claire
 walked through the door from school, she would notice it and say something.
But she didn't.
As obvious as possible, I said,
"Claire, wow, oh man, look at that brown box over there
by the kitchen sink,  I wonder what on earth it could be!".

Surprised, she picked the box up and examined it, noticing the
unfamiliar address.
"I don't know who this is from." She said.
But I did, in fact, I've known for some time what this little box was,
and who it was from.

Then her face turned red.
Inside were two small cactuses
with a little note that read:

"You know who would have more fun at Prom than
This invitation was from the same cute boy in Utah
who was Claire's first ever date.
Claire has had a little crush on this boy all throughout elementary school,
(and possibly beyond).
He is adorable, and Claire is just thrilled!

I am so excited that BOTH my girls will be attending Prom in Utah
this coming May.  It will be so fun to shop for dresses together,
be in Utah together (and see my family!), and especially to 
 see Clane experience this exciting rite of passage together!

Spiritual Enlightenment: For Him
"We can make each item on our to-do list become a way to glorify Him. 
We can see each task as a privilege and opportunity to serve Him, 
even when we are in the midst of deadlines, duties, or dirty diapers."

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