Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Miss Ozzy at it again

Hey Lottie,
Sometimes when I watch you play and pretend, I see me in you.  
I've told you all this before, but when I was a little girl
 I had turned our basement into a full-blown school.
I called it "Little School".  It had 5 desks, and drawers full of hand-drawn
 math problem sheets and coloring pages.  
Any spare change I could find I spent at the copy shop over at BYU
 to laminate posters, calendars, and drawings to hang up in my "classroom".
Sometimes it didn't even matter if I had students or not,
 I'd talk to myself and pretend kids filled the desks. 
 I would use our 1989 intercom telephone 
(you have no idea what I am talking about),
and speak into the phone projecting the morning 
announcements and the lunch menu.
You do the same things, except you are WAY more advanced.
And you go by Miss Ozzy.
Tonight you had dad hold his camera phone over your paper projecting
 it onto our TV while your siblings copied your instructions.

You are efficient and and organized.  
I can tell you are a very observant student in your first grade class 
with Ms. L because you sounds just like her when you "teach".
You are super lucky that your siblings are
 good sports and they agree to play with you.
I was lucky if I could get my younger sister Lucy to join me,
and even then I probably paid her to come.
And my older siblings would never participate, unless you count that 
one time we had "school photos",
 or Umi taking photos of us using her Canon point-and-shoot.
Uncle Jesse pretended he was the PE teacher,
and Aunt Courtney put on red lipstick and 
a red blazer and pretended she was the principal.
I was just happy they wanted to play.
Remember a few weeks ago when your first grade teacher Ms. L. 
came over for dinner and you got to teach her??  
That was a dream come true for you!!
Keep teaching and pretending sweetheart-
you are wonderful at it, just like your real teacher Ms. L.

Love, mom

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