Monday, March 25, 2019

I Don't Want to Miss a Thing

Dear Boys,
Dad showed me photos and videos of your incredible camping trip in the
beautiful mountains of North Carolina this past weekend.
You guys are lucky to have such cool Scout leaders (and a cool father), 
who sacrificed their weekend spending hours with you and your stinky friends.
I'm glad you hiked in the pitch black night with headlamps, and learned to tie fancy knots,
 and of course mastering the skill of pooping in  the woods.  
This is really all good stuff to know.
It's preparing you to be good 
young men, missionaries, neighbors, fathers, and husbands.
Really it is!

I heard it was cold, and windy, and the moon was so 
bright you could barely fall asleep.
I hope you will always remember these cool experiences with your dad.
He told me that you boys were so good to help the other kids
and leaders when they needed it, and were kind and polite.  
More than anything that you'll learn on these campouts, 
serving your fellow dudes is probably the 
coolest and most gratifying of all.

Dad also told me that you saw an old abandoned 
airplane that had crashed in the 1960's.
I don't think I would have liked to see that.
Just seeing the photos gives me anxiety.

On Friday after the girls got back from their FFA meet
 ("this milk tastes like a cow got into an onion patch"), I dragged the girls 
(stinky manure boots still on) with me to the church where they helped
 me set up for a Primary activity I was in charge of on Saturday.
We didn't get home until around 11:30, then when we did
 we all just fell asleep. Pretty boring.
But I did think about you as I was laying snug in my bed
on my warm electric mattress pad
listening to the wind blow out my window.

I love weekends, but only if we are all together milking (note the pun) 
out every second of the time together.
I think you would all agree.
I am bracing myself for the day when one of you (then all of you), 
will find other weekend activities that will take my place.  
While I want you all to have fun, and find your own adventures
with people you love and like to be around, I want us to stay this way forever.

Great, now I have Aerosmith's song I Don't Want to Miss a Thing 
playing in my head.

Love you, 

Check out these amazing photos of you boys camping
though the years!

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