Monday, October 29, 2018

A 17th Birthday Change

My oldest child Claire turns seventeen today.
Yes you heard me I said SEVENTEEN!
Claire is the most sophisticated and obedient 17 year old I know, and
more refined than most 25 year old's I know.
She is such a wonderful soul with a giant future and potential ahead of her.

A few days ago I was in the car and I felt my Nana close.  
Sometimes in certain places I feel her very strongly and
I know it's Nana because I've felt her before.  
It was almost like she was sitting right next to me in the car as 
I drove around town doing errands.
It's a wonderful peaceful feeling.

Then I started feeling sad and a little regretful
 that I hadn't carried on Nana's name AURORA (my name too!)
 to any of my children.
I always wanted to name a daughter Aurora, and was
 planning on naming the child I miscarried Aurora if she was a girl.  
But alas that was not to be.
Then a thought came to my heart on the NC 15-501;
  on Claire's 17th birthday I would give her the option to
 change her middle name to AURORA-- if she wants, and I think she will want.
I've already obtained the paperwork for the legal name change process.
She's going to be so excited!

Before Claire was even born, and I even married, I just thought Elizabeth was
a gorgeous name and Claire Elizabeth had a darling sound to it.
When I met Christian I found out that he had a lovely sister named 
Elizabeth, and he had several Elizabeth's in his genealogy line.
So Elizabeth worked nicely and it's been a beautiful name!
But Aurora just seems to fit with Claire. 

Happy Birthday to my sweet beautiful
Claire Aurora Nielson!

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