Friday, October 26, 2018

Fall Tour Day 6

We made it home.
Early this morning we drove from Virginia to North Carolina.
 As you can tell in our amazing post-RV photo
we all look exhausted and ready for a proper shower and bed:
We had such a wonderful trip, we saw a lot of amazing
 historical places, and beautiful parts of America.  
My favorite parts of the trip was playing games in a parking lot
after dinner in the RV with The Little Nies.
And I'll never forget talking to Oliver somewhere between Delaware
and New York late into the night about everything going on in his life.
(And maybe that was the reason we went on
the trip in the first place).

It was fun to drive into Chapel Hill and see the leaves changing
 deeper in color!  Finally!!
Over the weekend and in between the 20 loads of laundry upstairs in my loft, 
I will be making plans for Claire's 17th birthday, 
and our traditional Halloween dinner.
It's really such a fun time of the year- my favorite.
Today Mr. Justin Hackworth (who is in town), 
will be taking family photographs.
I wish he could stay a few extra days to photograph
 our Halloween evening as he has done for so many years!  
He's the best!

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