Tuesday, October 30, 2018

I love her so much

Yesterday after the hustle and bustle of the daily morning routine, Angus and I
walked in the door from our morning run.
 The house was quiet.
I started doing the breakfast dishes and getting
 into my regular routine when the back door 
opened; it was Mr. Nielson, Claire, and Jane from early morning seminary.
They each had a Trader Joe's bag in their hands.
Usually, Mr. Nielson drops the girls off at school after seminary, but since
it was Claire's birthday. Mr. Nielson promised Claire a proper birthday breakfast.

He made French toast with whipped cream and strawberries.
The girls were late to school, but it was a memorable 
birthday morning for Claire- and worth a tardy.
After they left back to school, I began making Claire's birthday cake.
(I may or may not have listened to Christmas music while baking).
I wanted to make this cake similar to the cupcakes
 I made Claire when she turned 5.
I  finished cleaning up the house and zipped in the car to a few stores for
last-minute birthday prep for Claire.
I wanted the house ready for when she came home from school.
Presents wrapped: check.
House cleaned up: check.
Cake made: check, well, mostly. 
Jane and Lottie helped me finish the ghosts after school.

Flowers: check.
Since it was Claire's birthday, I promised I would pick up the girls 
from school so they didn't have to ride the bus.  
They hate riding the bus because it's crowded, and they
never get to sit by each other. It's also hot and kinda stinky,
 and they get home almost an hour after school gets out.
(We've GOT to get Claire's license already.)
Before Jane left for school, she prepared a timer 
on our Alexa to remind me to pick them up.
Sure enough, at 2:50, Alexa alerted me:
"Time to pick up Claire and Jane from school so they don't
have to ride the stinky butt."
I'm pretty sure she meant "the stinky bus."
Later in the evening, Mr. Nielson 
and I took Claire on a date for dinner.

We talked about life, school, college, boys, and plans.

I love her so much.

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