Thursday, November 02, 2006

I'm 5, I'm 5 I'm a big girl now I'm 5...

On October 29th my oldest child my little Claire turned FIVE!
Umi told the party guests a really spooky story that
she used to tell me when I was little!
Everyone wanted to hear it again and again after she was done,
it was that good!
And then later in the evening a very SPECIAL visitor stopped by:
 Mrs. Fairy Bones came to wish Claire a happy birthday.
She brought treats for all the good children,
and asked them what they were going to be for Halloween.
Basically she was the Halloween version of Santa.
This year Claire asked for ghostie cupcakes.
Lucy and Courtney came to help me bake and decorate these little
guys in Umi's kitchen.
Lucy had just gotten back from her honeymoon while we cooked
Lucy shared with us her favorite parts of her honeymoon with Andrew. 
Well, I guess not her favorite favorite parts, but you know.
We had a few good laughs too.

Later as we were putting Claire to bed (mom, me, Lucy, and Courtney)
we decided to go around the room and share one thing we loved
about our little "Toad".
Umi could barely speak she was so emotional.
My top five favorite things about Claire are:
1. Claire is so willing to help- especially with Nicholas.
2. Claire always smiles and takes sincere interest in others.  She is also
very honest, like "mom, I don't much like your shirt today" honest.
3. Claire loves to learn and takes school seriously.
4. I love Claire because she has black hair like me.
5. I love Claire because has always been one of my best friends.
And we laugh at the same thing together.