Thursday, November 02, 2006

I'm 5, I'm 5 I'm a big girl now I'm 5...

October 29
Claire on her very special 5th birthday.

Blowing out her candle

Umi told all the children a spooky story that she told me when I was 5.

Everyone wanted to hear it again and again after she was done.

A very SPECIAL visitor Mrs. Fairy Bones came to wish Claire a happy birthday bringing lollipops for all the good little children.

Center-of-attention, and loving it!

This year Claire wanted ghost cupcakes.

Courtney and Lucy (fresh off the honeymoon) came over and in between watching the cougars kill Air Force we created these little guys. Homemade chocolate cupcakes and cream cheese frosting-they were a hit...
Then later that night when the party was over and just a few of us were left, we all said 5 things we loved about Claire. Umi could hardly get through it, she was very was I. Claire stood on a over-stuffed couch smiling through it all.

1. I love Claire because she says to me "Dont worry Mom, I'll pick up Nicholas if he crys". always so willing to help me
2. I love Claire because she smiles at everyone and takes sincere interest in others. (it can be good or bad..."Mom she is kinda of fat")
3. I love Claire because she trys really hard to be a good student. She loves to learn.
4. I love Claire because she has black hair like me
5. I love Claire becasuse she is my best friend and she and I can laugh and laugh at the same things.