Wednesday, October 15, 2014


(this was taken at Nicholas' baptism last Saturday 
(i'll blog about that later).  
 I was admitted to the hospital right after this happy event)

Last Thursday, Mr. Nielson and I went in for a check up and to hear our baby's heartbeat.
There wasn't one.  
It was heartbreaking.
I have had so many thoughts and so much heartache.
I spent the weekend in the hospital where I was given a picc line access
for some dehydration problems, and for my d&c (which I had on Monday).
I am home and doing just fine.  I feel emotional, but alive.
I will be back to writing on Monday.
Thank you for your love and support.  
 I'm no stranger to pain and sadness, and it certainly never gets easier.
But I have the tools to deal with this, and this too shall pass.
Much love to all.