Wednesday, June 27, 2018


Today I turn 37 years old.
For most of the year, I thought I was 35, turning 36 this June.
That was slightly disappointing.
But I have had quite a year!
It was beautiful- every last day.
Here is why:

June- Fasting as a Family:
July- Extra amazing:
August- Be of good cheer:
September- Peas in a Pod:
October- SIXTEEN:
November- 4th time:
December- A new nose:
January- RMN:
February- Peace in Christ:
March- NieNies Roadies:
April- The Days to Come:
May- Honorary:
June- Pinkie, Adieu:
Here is to my 37th year!
I am so grateful for God and His love and mercy for me and my family.
I am thankful for the ups and downs, the good and the bad,
 and everything in between- I just don't want ever want to move again.

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