Thursday, September 28, 2017

Peas in a Pod.

Today Christian and I are flying to Salt Lake City as
 I have been invited to speak at a convention there.
This will be a quick trip, but I am so grateful for these
 little getaways that Christian and I get to go on.
It's so fun to connect together and just hang out.
For the past couple days the ranch has seen so much rain and I love it. 
Call me crazy, but I would much rather pick a dark stormy day over a sunny one.
I really should live in Alaska or somewhere where it's cold and snowy a lot.
Today The Little Nies got on their rain gear and tromped around in the puddles
with Angus.  It made my heart so happy watching them together.
My children really have been been amazing.  
It's not easy to live here away
from what they know, and familiar people and things.
But they really do love each other and get along amazingly.
I know that this time together is really making our family
close in ways I don't think we could get any other way.
We are kind of like seven peas in a pod,
(eight if you count Angus our dog and whom I treat like a child).