Monday, September 18, 2017

Women Of Light

Last weekend Mr. Nielson and I stayed in Albuquerque for the weekend.
It was such a wonderful break for us,
I guess I hadn't realized how tired I have been
because I took several naps, and totally slept in.
I guess I also forgot how nice all of that feels.
The purpose for the trip was because
 I was the closing speaker at the Women of Light Convention.
It was a beautiful evening, and I so enjoyed talking with
many of the women at the convention and sharing my story.
I also loved catching up with the other amazing
 women who participated:

Christian and I ate fantastically, and I remembered how much 
I missed eating out, and eating such goooood food.
 Since moving to the ranch, 
we hardly get out since it takes forever to get off the ranch,
and also there isn't anywhere close to go.
I guess that could be a good thing...

(Maybe we'll open up a restaurant...)