Wednesday, February 07, 2018

We Last Forever

Last night after dinner dishes were brought into the kitchen 
and the floors swept, Mr. Nielson and I jumped into his truck 
and drove off into the thick darkness.
For most of the day, he had been working on a solar well drinker
that had just stopped pumping water.
He needed to go back out to recheck it before bed.
He asked me at the dinner table while dipping his 
cheddar biscuit into his soup if I wanted to join him.
"I'm scared to go alone," 
he smiled, coxing for my company.
He didn't need to ask me twice, I love going anywhere with him, 
plus I love the ranch at night.
It gets so dark up here, and the stars seem brighter
 than anywhere else in the world.
The ranch got little rain and snow earlier in the day, so the roads 
weren't too dusty as we followed the bumpy road a few miles away from 
the ranch house.  
 The darkness stretched in every direction, and it was beautiful.
We drove up to "our spot" and discussed our future.  
Life is wild, and it throws curves sometimes--
 but we aren't strangers to curves or change.
 Just like our love song for 2017 says:

'Cause they can write stories
They can sing songs
But they don't make fairy tales 
Sweeter than ours
They can climb mountains
High into the sky
But they can't take the world
Oh, Like we can take the world

Oh I can see 
The future you and me we last forever
In the rising tide
No fear or fight
That we can't face together
Darling You and Me
We can take the world
* * * * * * * * * *
Teachings from RMN:
"You need to feel good about the people with whom you live 
and work—your companions in life. 
You must feel good about yourself—not in any sense of conceit,
 but simply a proper esteem for yourself, well deserved.
 And possibly most important, you must feel good about your 
relation to God and sincerely love him."

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