Tuesday, February 14, 2017

We Can Take The World- Lovers Holiday 2017

Happy Valentines Day to all, but especially to my lover: Christian.
This year, I dub our 2017 song: "Take The World" " by Johnnyswim.
(This delightful duo has had my constant attention for so long. 
Beautiful music, beautiful lyrics, and beautiful people).

Darling, You and Me
We can take the world.
I love you Christian Mark Nielson (no one knows).

We don’t need calligraphy
To write a fancy story
Kings and Queens return to thieves
To find what we’ve been holding
You and Me
We can take the world.
Oh sweethearts give sweet compliments
But our love goes without saying
Though you make it hard not to spill my heart
Every time I see you swaying
Darling You and Me
We can take the world, darling
'Cause they can write stories
They can sing songs
But they don’t make fairy tales 
Sweeter than ours
They can climb mountains
High into the sky
But they can’t take the world
Oh, Like we can take the world
Oh I can see 
The future you and me we last forever
In the rising tide
No fear or fight
That we can’t face together
Darling You and Me
We can take the world
'Cause they can write stories
And they can sing songs
But they…
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