Wednesday, February 15, 2017


I will not be chatting today because I am in NYC!

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Last Sunday, we found ourselves watching family videos again.  
This is becoming a Sunday tradition.
We put in the disc of Lucy's wedding day in Salt Lake City, 2006.
It was a beautiful October morning.
Watching the video reminded me of a story that happened that day.
I had just had Nicholas a few weeks earlier, and in the video (and pictures),
I am usually found holding my new chubby infant.
I asked a few of my nieces to hold Nicholas 
in the waiting room during the ceremony
since young children are not permitted in the temple.
Apparently, Gigs got really fussy.  
Since he was exclusively nursing 
(and the marriage sealing ceremony usually isn't that long), 
I hadn't thought to bring a bottle for him, 
and his binkie was not soothing him anymore.
My nieces were at a loss as they walked around the temple grounds
with a very loud screaming baby.
They tried pushing him in his stroller, changing his pants, 
singing to him and probably a bunch of other things too.
A very nice lady with her own new infant in a stroller was also there 
attending a different wedding and asked my young twelve-year-old nieces
 if she could hold Nicholas--to help out.
My niece probably gladly handed him over and watched 
in shock as she began nursing him.
Here is where I need help deciding if that is 
super weird, gross, or helpful.
Maybe all three?
Either way, it satisfied Nicholas, and he fell right to sleep.
When I got out of the wedding ceremony with Mr. Nielson, we found Nicholas
wrapped up in his cozy stroller, sound asleep,
 with two surprised nieces telling us what had just happened.
At first, I didn't believe it and asked my nieces to point out the woman
who had just breastfed my child.
We searched and searched.  No luck.
There was no evidence of the mysterious boobie-juice-bandit (BJB).
Except that Nicholas slept like a rock for the next four hours.

I think this is a really funny story.
Women are pretty amazing.

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