Sunday, October 22, 2006

Wedding weekend highlights

Wedding weekend highlights:

Lucy's wedding was so beautiful. Lucy looked darling and my girls were in love with the whole wedidng day.
Some special lady (who we will call one of the three nephite wives) nursed Nicholas while I was in the temple. Apparently, she just couldn't handle hearing him cry, and had a milk supply of her own.

It was in the temple for crying out loud, should I be grateful or grossed out? GRATEFUL
Here is my family and I love them all so much!
I just love this photo.

Christian and Vance talk biness while Page and Vivian wait for dinner.

It was a lovely day/evening. More pictures on the way...but wait, I am having sooo much fun in Provo that I may not have time to blog. That and having FOUR frikin children...holy cow someone help me.

I love my husband and am really thanful for his help in my life.

I miss you baby!