Sunday, October 22, 2006

Weddings and Wet Nurses

We flew to Utah to spend a few weeks in my beloved Utah!
It was just dreamy and and I kind of wished we
didn't have to ever leave.
The reason for the trip was because Lucy and Andrew got married!

Lucy's wedding was so beautiful.
  Lucy looked gorgeous and happy!
 Claire and Jane were in love with the whole wedding idea, and before the
wedding we went to the store and bought them matching dresses
to wear which made them feel super special.
Before the wedding ceremony in the temple I asked a few of my nieces
if they would keep an eye on Claire, Jane, and Ollie.
(since children are not permitted inside the temple).
Then I asked an older niece if
she would be in charge (and only be in charge) of my 3 week old Nicholas.
When the hour long ceremony was over, we walked outside where
all the kids and teenagers were waiting.
My niece ran up to me with a sleeping Nicholas in the stroller and
 tears in her eyes.  Then she told me that after we left her with
 Nicholas he started crying and crying and apparently wouldn't stop.
A woman who was attending another wedding at the temple
came over to my niece and told her that she had a 2 month old baby and 
would be happy to "share her milk".
Thinking she meant milk in a bottle, my niece with gratitude handed over
a very grouchy Nicholas.
Well, it wasn't in a bottle.
This woman nursed Nicholas to sleep.
Listening to my niece tell me this story actually made me 
feel extreme gratitude.
I think this is a prime example of the goodness we women can 
do for each other. 
Whoever you are wet-nurse lady, THANK YOU!

I hugged my niece and thanked her for being in charge of grumpy Nicholas.
Then we laughed and laughed the rest of the evening.

It was so refreshing being with my family.
My people!
Sometimes I feel overwhelmed knowing I have four children under
the age of FOUR!  (Almost 5, Claire turns 5 on the 29th).
I love my husband and am really thankful for his help in my life.
I say that all the time, but I mean it!
He left after the wedding because he had to be back for work.
I miss himmmmmmm!