Thursday, February 08, 2018

Five Forever

Someone help me!  I can't stand it!  Lottie is growing up.
I've loved to watch her learn and grasp the
 principles and ideas I teach her daily at the ranch kitchen table.
She knows that there are 26 letters in the alphabet and what 
sound each letter makes.  
 She knows what nouns are, what a consonant is, 
and can read most 2-3 letter words. 
 Today she passed off counting to 100 without help.  
In other words, she is growing up.
While I love and delight in her grasping all of these basics,
 I can't help but feel a little heartbroken too.  
I don't remember feeling this way about any of my other children,
but then again, Lottie is my caboose, and I think that reality weighs intensely
on my heart.  I wish I could have five more children--
Or I just wish Lottie would stay five forever.
* * * * * * * 
Teachings from RMN
Life after Life  -April 1987
Our bodies undergo constant rebuilding according to 
genetic recipes that are uniquely ours. 
Each time we take a bath, we lose not only dirt, 
but cells dead and dying, as they are replaced by a newer crop. 
This process of regeneration and renewal is but prelude 
to the promised phenomenon and future fact of our resurrection.

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