Friday, August 25, 2017

The weekend is near

Yesterday afternoon we drove to the Q 
to attend the temple, hit Costco, and visit Trader Joes
 (some essential shopping spots).
The temple is a familiar place for us
especially with so much change in our lives, Mr. Nielson
and I was really able to connect with each other and with the Lord.
This temple is unique and beautiful, and I am proud to "claim" it now.
We are having our Back to School Feast this Saturday.  
The Little Nies are really excited, and I have been planning this
 feast extra special this year since we are at the ranch, and our
 school and life situation is much different.

Happy Weekend to YOU!
Spiritual Enlightenment: Be of Good Cheer

Also excited to watch (or listen in our case) as my big brother 
first game on Saturday...GO Cougs!
I am participating, along with Elizabeth Smart and other amazing women,
in the Women of Light Convention right here in New Mexico.
This will be a wonderful event, and I am honored to be a part of it.
Grab your friends and come; there are still tickets left!

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