Thursday, August 24, 2017

Rain on the ranch

Today right on schedule (around lunchtime), it rained.  
And then it rained off and on most of the day.
Dark thunderclouds moved in, and then the wind picked up, 
and after lunch, we sat on the porch swings to listen to the
 thunder, and watch (and photograph) the boys do tricks on the trampoline.
Also, after lunch, Jane pickled cucumbers and beets
 from Boss's garden and pickled them.
It took her most of the day.  

Jane is a natural homemaker, and she shines at it.
She researched recipes online, cut up the vegetables, measured, boiled, 
simmered, and canned several jars.  
All I did was buy the jars and take a few photos.
Ollie and Gigs helped Mr. Nielson and our caretaker Randy move the cows
into another pasture for grazing.
Then at dusk, Mr. Nielson and I rode the wheeler around the ranch
so I could take a deep breath and smell the wet earth.
Tomorrow we will head to Albuquerque (a local told me their family
calls the city the "Q." I like that and think I'll do the same).
So we'll head into the Q to get a few groceries at Costco and hit Trader Joe's.
I also need a few supplies for our Back to School Feast this Saturday.
Finally, we're doing it!

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