Friday, August 19, 2016

Keep My Commandments (Back to School Feast 2016)

The Nielson 2016-2017 family theme is:
"For The Lord God hath said that:
Inasmuch as ye shall keep my commandments ye
shall prosper in the land." 
(2 Nephi 4:4)
From The Book of Mormon, this has been a common
 theme throughout its pages, and this particular saying is mentioned 34 times!
34 TIMES!  It's important, and we know it.
Our little family has managed to read the Book of Mormon three times 
together successfully. In fact, we should finish up again in October,
and then we will start again!
I mentioned to the children that keeping the commandments
doesn't just mean keeping the 10 commandments
that were given to Moses in the Bible.  
Although very important, the commandments are scripture and words
 given to us by our Prophets and Apostles who lead
and guide us in our day and age.
We trust our leaders, especially our Prophet and we know
 he is the direct mouthpiece of God.
We know as a family we will be blessed and "prosper" by doing our best
 to be obedient and holding fast to the commandments of God.

During the feast, we talked around the table how
we each wish we hope to "prosper". 
Claire said she wanted to be able to get up in the morning and be on time to school, she knows she will prosper in her school work if she is obedient to the commandments of God.
Jane mentioned she wanted to make new friends since 
Claire won't be in Middle School with her this year. 
She too understands that by keeping the commandments,
she will prosper by making new friends.
Oliver said he wanted to do well at sports,
and knows by keeping the commandments,
 he will prosper by having a strong and healthy body to play the sports he loves.
Nicholas was pretty quiet throughout the night
(I think a lot of that had to do with the fact that Lottie
 spilled bubblie on his white shirt before dinner even started), 
but he mentioned he wanted to up his reading level. 
We agreed that keeping the commandments would help
him achieve that goal and then he would prosper in school.
Jane is beginning her 8th grade and her last year in Middle School,
while Claire starts her Freshman year in High School!
Oliver begins 6th grade, and his last year in Elementary school,
and Nicholas will be in 4th grade this year.
Lottie is still attending the very popular "Mom's school".

I made big batch of homemade macaroni and cheese.
The Little Nies LOVE this dish.
Also on the menu:
Arugula and Orzo salad
Peach and Strawberries in coconut glaze
and fresh rolls.
 (Which I burned. So then I called them 
"blackened" rolls, and that sounds exciting).
 This year I decided to try a new tradition.  I had our new family theme made into a darling quilt.
  Stitched is a company who creates customized creative quilts.
 I worked with Alexa Zurcher and it turned out beautiful.
We love it, and I hope to implement this darling new tradition into our 
family themes for years to come.
  If you use NIENIEDIALOGUES you can get 20% of your quilt. (until 8/26)
Also go HERE to enter a giveaway and
you can win this exact gorgeous quilt! (until 8/23)
Of course what would our night be without our colorful glass stars. 
 In the center is etched each child's name, grade and year.  
My children have quite a beautiful collection.
This year, Piggy and Dirt created for me the coolest star I have even seen.
 It is HUGE!!!  
I love it so much!  It is hanging directly over our dinning room table.
What a fun addition to my gorgeous stars!
You can request just about any size of star you want them to make. 
They are so fun!
I decorated the tables with photos of our
favorite memories of the previous year.
Dinners, swimming, parties, the ranch, family members, hiking, 
skiing, laughing, eating, etc etc.  
I had the photos made into fun a memory game from Pinhole Press.
Lottie had so much fun matching them throughout our dinner.
Pinhole Press also framed our family theme
 in a nice frame so we can add it to our 
family wall of themes.
Special thanks to A Vintage Poster for designing our theme!
This year BAN.DO sent the girls some wonderful back to school 
items, like this 17 month agenda with awesome stickers included.  
Pencils and highlighters, and some adorable bobbi sets.  
A BIG thank you to Mr. Justin Hackworth for capturing our evening so perfectly.
Justin comes with his beautiful assistant Tia, 
and take photos for us so I don't have to. 
 It's really nice.
Then we usually end up eating our dinner 
in front of Justin and Tia, which I feel badly about.
The night was complete after we all indulged in the triple 
chocolate lava cake I created in the crockpot.  YES and YUM!

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