Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The bell is ringing...again.

I prepared a feast for the family to honor the girls as they got ready to start a new school year.

Baby white roses decorate the dinner table. Honey seared salmon smoked in alder wood (prepared by Mr. Nielson) garden-picked beets, brown jasmine rice, and broccoli rabi along with the 2008-09 family theme.

Crowns were made to honor the girls.
For dessert I made a classic chocolate cake with delicious chocolate butter-cream frosting.
Toasts were made, stories told, goals planned and the girls walked the cat-walk showing off the new school duds in a family fashion show.

It was hot. Real hot. Claire wore tights. Jane wore long pants and a sweater-type top.
Both came home with red faces and sweat dripping down.
Fashion over comfort ladies !

(that's my girls!)