Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Back to School Feast 2011

...By small and simple things...

{Photos by Justin Hackworth}

Sunday evening was the annual Back to School Feast.
Our theme this year was selected by Mr. Nielson:
..." but behold I say unto you, that by small and simple things are
great things brought to pass "...

This bit of scripture was found and chosen from my favorite book
The Book of Mormon. {in Alma 37}

We discussed what that meant together as a family when we unveiled the theme.
We talked about Lil peanut inside of me and how small and
little he/she is but how one day he will be a big tangible blessing in our lives.
It also applied to making good simple choices in life now, making those crucial
decisions while young will effect so much later.
I felt the spirit. It was welcomed. {as usual}

The crowns were unwrapped and the children opened up
their beautiful glass stars. The tradition was started last year. I commissioned
local Ashley Baker to help create the stars.
{ rashreyk@yahoo.com}

And this year Piggy and Dirt {Kurt Knudsen} out of North Carolina
created these gorgeous stars for the children to enjoy.
I couldn't have been more pleased with the colors and way they were
wrapped and presented. It looked beautiful.
Kurt even made me a necklace with a mini glass star for my Lil peanut,
it resides around my neck.
Check out Kurt's etsy store here.

Our title engraved on the star with the date. I am so pleased.

To check out past Back to School Feasts
AND, if you are interested in reading the book where I am getting
all of these beautiful quotes for our theme, I will send you your very own copy
for free! The Book of Mormon is my favorite book, and you will see why...
Go here to get yours. (free, no strings attached, I promise)

And, are you coming? Read about it here.
thanks to here , here and here for helping make my children really cute for school:)