Wednesday, August 31, 2011


I am pretty sure I have 12 loads of laundry to do. 
I have successfully finished only 2 loads and it is almost dinner time. 
This August heat is killing me. 
I am done with heat, summer, mowing, gardening, flowers, 
and turning on the air conditioning!
 I am still hard at work on my book that comes out in the Spring. 
It's hard to remember and write about my accident and recovery . 
 It has been emotional and I know that being pregnant doesn't help. 
 I cry ALL. THE. TIME!
I am on my fifth deodorant since being pregnant because I wear one for about a week
 and then it makes me sick. I really don't enjoy being pregnant!
 My cousin Katie delivered a perfect little girl on Sunday. 
She is adorable with lots of dark hair.
 It makes me so excited in anticipation for my peanut in the Spring.
 I will deliver a baby and a book. 
 But first, I need to get over August. 
I bought my copy of Martha Stewart's Halloween, have you???
(Bring it on!)

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