Monday, August 28, 2017

Chaco Canyon

Last Friday was the National Park's birthday (101!!), and
 we decided to visit Chaco Canyon, National Park.
It's only about two hours away from the ranch
and was such a cool day trip for us.
Out in the middle of the rugged New Mexico mountains and desert lands
are these impressive ancient structures.
We were stunned.
Not only was it amazing in structure and historical significance, 
but (as luck would have it) we were the only ones
 visiting the park, which made our visit
 that more intimate and memorable for our family.

Scientists and archaeologists estimate these massive dwellings were inhabited
 by the Pueblo between 850 and 1200 A.D.

I appreciated that the Pueblo people designed their great houses 
oriented to the lunar and solar directions.  Everything had a purpose
and was deliberate, and had astronomical significance.
I'd like to design our new home here on the ranch with this ancient mindset.
The Little Nies were so intrigued because 
here on the ranch, we had discovered sherds of Zuni Indian pottery.
 It feels sacred to find and touch them.
History is really so fascinating when 
seen, felt, and heard firsthand.
Then on our way home, a donkey stood in the middle of the road
and wouldn't move, and then Mr. Nielson re-told to the Little Nies
his very favorite movie of all time:
 Dances with Wolves (with the soundtrack playing).
  They were memorized the whole ride home.

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