Monday, July 17, 2017

My Duties

 On Sunday, I was released from my duties as Young Women's President 
in our church congregation.
Three years were spent with these beautiful girls each Sunday at 
Church and each Wednesday during our weekly activities.
There were also girl's camps, our traditional back-to-school feasts
youth conferences, activities, and other celebrations that we shared together.
These girls are beautiful lights and strong women.  
I marvel at their potential.  
At my "exit interview" with the Bishop, he asked me if there was a
particular experience that stood out to me as I reflect back
 on my time with them--and my mind went blank.
Not because I couldn't think of anything but because all I could think
about was how much I loved these girls. Deeply love them.
I saw their eyes and faces and felt emotional.
I am grateful I could serve next to and with other leaders who taught me
and blessed my life (and my own girls' lives) with their talents and wisdom.
I will never forget their sisterhood.
The Church is true.
The Gospel is beautiful and works wonderfully,
and to me, these girls are proof of that.

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