Friday, July 14, 2017

Box after box after box

I woke up early this morning and started in the basement where 
I cleaned and organized about 50 boxes of
 trinkets, clothes, shoes, and old memorabilia.  
I was getting rid of a lot and donating more.  
Then Clane decided to help me out.
Box after box and box got awfully tedious and boring.
One minute we were laughing with each other 
(looking through a box of my high school clothes caused a near-accident
 laughing so hard at my faux snakeskin pants...what was I thinking?
And why do I still have them?). 
Then the next minute, we were frustrated with each other because
 someone (not mentioning any names) sat down and stopped working,
 or refused to help, or someone was complaining, whining, or whatever.

Last night I had set out a huge pot of beans to soak, and they
cooked nearly all day today.
Around 8:00, we finally decided to stop working and eat the beans.
After dinner, Jane ordered Chip cookies which were delivered piping hot
to our door minutes after we ordered them.
We certainly rewarded ourselves tonight.
But I think we deserved it.

Happy Weekend to YOU!
Spiritual Enlightenment: The Reward of Enduring Well.

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