Friday, August 14, 2015

Back to School Feast in the Orchard

 Last Wednesday evening I hosted a dinner for the
 young women I teach in our church ward/congregation.
Of course I had loads of help from other very talented and helpful leaders.

I had a vision of this dinner months ago.  I wanted to honor the
 young women in our church and help prepare them for their upcoming school year.
My vision for the dinner was in the middle of an orchard (this orchard), 
with glowing lights and soft music.
I wanted the girls to wear white to signify purity, completeness,
 wholesome, and innocence. 
 The color white reminds me of a blank canvas,
 a fresh start, and most importantly Godliness. 
We nailed it.

On each plate setting was a darling flower crown which 
was to signify to the girls "crowns of righteousness".  
"Keep my commandments continually, and a crown of righteousness 
thou shalt receive." (D&C 25:15)

 Also on the plates was a card with this inspiring quote from 
Dieter F. Uchtdorf's inspiring talk he gave in 2010.
"It is your reaction to adversity, not the adversity itself, that
determines how your life's story will develop".
I thought it pertained nicely as the girls begin a new school year.
I had all eight of the leaders share advise and insight to the girls.
The overall message was for the girls to be nice.
To be nice to everyone they meet and especially to one another.  

The leaders walked around the cozy table serving each girl.
Beautiful salads, juicy grapes and rolls were served.
Stephanie, another youth leader helped me set everything up.
We used our nice dishes, cloth napkins white tablecloths, and cute milk glasses.  
I had the Sweet Tooth Fairy make a 
cake that fit the evening perfectly!
 The cake was whimsical and magical and soooo delicious.  
I wanted the cake to look like a birch stump.  
It turned out amazing as the centerpiece to the 
huge table in the middle of the orchard.
We had 37 girls and leaders (including the bishop--my brother, Matt).
This will be an annual dinner,
 a tradition and I am already thinking of ideas for next year.
I love these girls.  They have so much potential and so much goodness inside them.  
I am happy to be helping them understand their divine potential 
and what they are capable of doing and becoming.
Lastly, I want to thank my sweetheart Mr. Nielson. 
 His muscles helped set up the tables and chairs and take them down.
He is my hero.
After the dinner was put away, tables and chairs
wiped down, dishes clean, a load of linens in the wash,
and the Little Nies down for the night,
we went swimming in our pool.  It was midnight and quiet.
Did you know that there was a meteor shower Wednesday night.
Holy moly was it breathtaking!
Now it is time for my family Back to School Feast, which will
be held on Monday evening.  Ob boy!

Food by Marvellous Catering- also a good friend from high school 
(thanks Jed...and Olga!)
Cake by my favorite fairy, Megan at The Sweet Tooth Fairy.
Beautiful custom printed quote by darling Sara at A Vintage Poster
My dress- from Flor De Luz.