Friday, June 21, 2019

Clue 1998

Last night I was on Facebook responding to friends back in Utah regarding my
20 year high school reunion coming up this July.
Sadly I won't be able attend since I live 2000 miles away now, and
plus just thinking about flying that 4 (plus)
 hours in a anxietyplane sends me to death.
Then Lottie came over and sat on my lap while I typed.
She commented on a photo that my friend Julianne
 had posted of us and our cheer squad (and dates)
 at our High School Halloween dance in 1998.
We are characters from the movie Clue.
I was the maid Yvette minus the cleavage and blonde hair.
In fact, my hair was super short.

It brings back so many good memories.
 of every single person in that photo. 
I haven't seen most of them since we graduated 20 years ago.
(Except my cousin Katie (kneeling) who's date is Trent, who's little brother 
Andrew married my sister Lucy. 
I have mixed feelings about reunions- all reunions of every kind.
I struggle with them because I am so much better at small groups,
and connecting with people one-on-one.
And I've changed soooo much physically, it may scare me a little.
I miss Christian so much that I've been listening to
 INXS non-stop because it reminds me of him.
My three boy Scouts get home Saturday night, and
I'm counting down the hours.
* * * *

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