Monday, June 24, 2019

What are you reading this summer?

Last Saturday I took my girls to the bookstore to end our girls week.
I told them they could each pick out a new book, but
since when did Barnes & Noble become a toy store?
I took Lottie upstairs to the children's section which
basically was a toy store with a few books.
We sat in the little wooden kid chairs together to read.
 My hips barely fit.
In fact, I think I stood up and the chair came with me.
My girls were lazily wandering around the store downstairs, and 
probably could have stayed longer if I'd had let them.

(For two summers in high school, I worked as a Barista in the cafe.
It brings back so many memories every time 
I go into that store and take a whiff.)

Anyway, when it was time to go I told Lottie to pick her book, 
but she wanted the unicorn stuffed animal.
Well, that led for a super disappointing day because
I was serious about my only-books policy, and so she left the store in tears.
I kept trying to get her excited about a Amelia Bedila book
that I bought (for her!). No such luck ( yet).
As we were in line to check out, we noticed a sign that read:
Look who made the LIST!!!!!! (wink)

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