Friday, June 21, 2019

Clue 1998

Last night I was on Facebook responding to a friend who lives
 in Utah regarding our
20-year high school reunion coming up this July.
Sadly I won't be able to attend since I live 2000 miles away now,
(and I have a little anxiety thinking about the plane travel).
Then Lottie came over and sat on my lap while I typed.
She commented on a photo that my friend Julianne
 had posted of us and our cheer squad (and dates)
 at our High School Halloween dance in 1998.
We are characters from the movie Clue.
I was the maid Yvette minus the cleavage and blonde hair.
In fact, my hair was super short.

It brings back so many good memories that I have
 of every single person in that photo. 
The last time I saw most of them was when we graduated 20 years ago.
(Except my cousin Katie (kneeling), whose date is Trent, whose little brother 
Andrew married my sister Lucy).
I have mixed feelings about reunions- all reunions of every kind.
I struggle with them because I am much better at small groups
and connecting with people one-on-one.
And I've changed so much physically, 
and it scares me a little bit.
I miss Christian so much that I've been listening to
 INXS non-stop because it reminds me of him.
My three Boy Scouts get home Saturday night, and
I'm counting down the hours.
* * * *

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