Thursday, June 20, 2019

By My Side.

With Mr. Nielson and the boys gone all this week at Scout camp,
I think I've lived on 5 hours of sleep total.
The problem starts when I lay my head down on my pillow because  
then I toss and turn and can't fall asleep.
Finally, when I do get a little shut-eye, it only lasts a few hours.
Last night I lay in my bed awake until 3:00 when 
I decided to walk up the dark stairs and climb into bed with Lottie.

I fell asleep but woke back up at 5:00 am.
I admit that I am severely dependent on my husband for sleep.
I like having him close because I feel safe and protected.
Plus, it's just more comfortable.
These past few nights have conjured up some words from the song
"By My Side" by INXS (Mr. Nielson's favorite band).
"In the dark of the night
Those small hours
Uncertain and anxious
I need to call you...In the dark of night
By my side
In the dark of night
By my side
I wish you were
I wish you were."
(It's a good song).

After Lottie's STEM camp in the late afternoon, 
I took her with me to run a few errands before we had to pick up
Clane at their FFA conference in Raleigh.
 Lottie and I grabbed dinner together and
the only ones in the usually busy restaurant,
which was kind of a unique experience.
In between bites, Lottie danced around the empty tables
 and I snapped photos of her.
Then "By My Side" came on over the speakers,
I think it was a sign.
Then I received a phone call, it was Mr. Scout trooper Nielson!
I was so excited to hear his voice.  I know it's only been four days 
since we saw or spoke last, but it feels like years!
He was on his way home from Tennessee, where the
boys finished a white-water rafting adventure!
Everyone is safe and sound, and as it
 turns out--he isn't sleeping very well either.
Saturday can't come soon enough.

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