Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Future Farmers of America

Yesterday I attended the North Carolina state FFA convention in Raleigh.
Jane received third in the state for dairy judging! 
As I sat through the convention I admit, I got choked up several times.
First of all, I appreciated that they prayed to God before the meeting began.
I love that these kids recognize God's hand in their lives and their work.

And I LOVED the dedication and awareness they
 have for the earth, and all things on it. 
 FFA kids are leading, and teaching, and growing, and
have an enormous impact in their communities with
 animal husbandry, land usage, and science.
I had a really great enlightening conversation with the girls at lunch
about the difference between
the worlds view on animal rights vs. animal respect and welfare.
I really enjoyed listening to the wisdom and insight they've gained
since joining FFA. It's really impressive and informed.
We have a responsibility to care for, and protect animals and 
our land in responsible and informed ways.

I am so glad my girls are getting hands-on experience now through FFA.
Jane is participating in the dairy food preparation today.
She will be identifying milk by taste and smell.
It's going to be a good day.  Can't wait.

The Scouts are alive and doing well in the mountains.
(I heard it rained all night long).

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