Wednesday, June 06, 2018

Photos for Dad

The Little Nies and I were discussing what we wanted
 to do for our daddy on Father's Day.
We talked about books, movies, music, tools, clothes, a fun toy, 
and then I suggested we each pick our favorite photo 
of ourselves and have it framed for his future office.
The children were really pleased with that idea and we each 
have spent hours on the computer searching for the perfect shot.
Do we pick a goofy picture, a cool one, serious, or an action photo?  
Well, I left it up to the Little Nies.
He will be delighted! 
(And I have asked Mr. Nielson NOT to read today's post either).
 It will be a sweet gesture of our love to him.
 It's not another gadget that will break, or get lost,  
these photos will hang in our house probably forever.
I am using Pinhole Press to help me create this project because
they are so convenient and easy to work with.
Remember the amazing family photo wall in Fox Hill:
I will post how it all turned out!

FYI: June 10th is the cut-off date for Father's Day gifts
at Pinhole Press!
Use code NIENIE15 for 15% your order (good until July 31st).
(I want to do this photo).

*Still on the road today.  Update tomorrow!*