Thursday, June 07, 2018

Onward Christian and Stephanie's soldiers

From New Mexico to Texas to Oklahoma to Arkansas to Tennessee.
Then today, from Tennessee to our
 rental home in Chapel Hill, NORTH CAROLINA!
From flat tires, eating on the road, 
(Veggie burgers and "pup cups" for Angus at Freddy's)
napping in the car, listening to books, music, silence, chatting, and snacking.
Gassing up, checking tires, washing windows, and stretching legs.
Windows rolled up,
windows rolled down.

Picking up some bubble gum for me to chew and corn nuts for Mr. Nielson,
(it keeps us awake).
Thank goodness for dog-friendly hotels!

Today is our last day on the road...Hallelujah!

(Have I already mentioned that?  I'm dying!).

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