Monday, June 11, 2018

Hot, humid, and green.

 We made it safely to North Carolina!
Our new hot, humid, very lush, and very GREEN gorgeous state.
Fireflies danced along the interstate as we made our way to Chapel Hill.
Last Thursday night (early morning) around 1:30
 we rolled into our sleepy neighborhood and 
pulled up to our cute rental home.
We rented this home sight unseen, so I have to admit,
 I was a little worried about it.
But it's charming and will fit us comfortably.
The Little Nies were so excited- and all wide-eyed in the back of the car
taking in their new life here-
(except for Charlotte, who had zonked out back in Tennessee).
We quietly got out of the car, and all walked behind Mr. Nielson up to
our porch commenting on where we would be putting our
 Halloween pumpkins and Christmas lights.

We watched as he slowly unlocked and opened the door
then the Little Nies gasped with joy.
I felt relief and excitement (except for the giant pool table in the dining area-
which has since been removed).
A place just for us.  
At this point, I don't care what it looks like,
I am just ready for my own space. 
My own washer and dryer, my own refrigerator, my own stuff,
and my own dishes.
After walking into every room, we decided that since we were up
with extra amounts of energy and adrenaline we
unloaded both the U-haul and cattle trailer.

As a welcome gesture, and because they are the best,
our friends had come into the house earlier to light a candle and deliver 
some essential groceries, including a beautiful
bouquet of my favorite flowers- Peonies!
What a heaven-sent!
Mr. Nielson wouldn't let me carry anything heavy since my recent
amputation, but was really effective at cheering tired bodies on,
and making my kids laugh while carrying heavy boxes.
I also blew up mattresses for the night and covered them in blankets and pillows.
When the last box was brought into the house, we all fell into bed at 4:30
and didn't wake up until 11:30 the following day.
 (Angus too!  He was up sniffing, smelling, and wandering  
his news stomping grounds!).
When I finally woke up, I found Charlotte sitting at her little red table
surrounded by boxes and duffel bags,
  coloring like she had lived in this home all her life.
She looked comfortable and pleasant.
"Hey, Lod," I said with a smile.
"Hey, Mom, did you see we are in North Carolina?"
I bent beside her, "I sure did, honey; I am very happy."
And without looking up, she said,
"I am going to color a picture for my new room
how about you make some pancakes?"
I stood up, took a deep breath, and said,
"That is exactly what I want to do!!".

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