Monday, June 18, 2018

Father since 2001

Yesterday we celebrated the father of our home!
and we framed it to give to Mr. Nielson.
In our empty rental house the Little Nies expressed their deep
love and appreciation for their father.
It was really sweet and very heartfelt.  
And funny too.
Mr. Nielson has always wanted to be a father and has 
always considered that role as divine and important.
That was one of the reasons I fell so madly in love with him.
He never once shied away from his responsibly as father, or the importance
of his place as protector and provider. 
 He has always been supportive of me
as a mother and wife, and woman.
He is truly the best.
I asked each of the children to write a little note to him in a card.
Before I sealed the envelope, I read what with kids had 
written to him, and melted my heart.
The Little Nies sure love and respect their father! 
I love and respect my own father.
He has helped me develop and grow into the woman
I am today, and I am very grateful for that.
This will be a Fathers Day in the last ten years I won't get to see
my own dad.  That makes me sad.
(I love you dad!!).
There were a few moments during lunch today
 where I was at the table surrounded by new friends 
and kids helping themselves to seconds in a busy kitchen. 
And I felt perfectly content and peaceful and happy.
What a very welcomed and sweet feeling.
I love it here in North Carolina.  
I love our new ward (church congregation), I love where we live 
(and where we are going to build a home).
And I love the new friends we have met- they have 
 been so very welcoming!  We are lucky lucky!
The boys are going to Florida tomorrow on a Scout trip,
so it will just be me and the girls here (Angus too).
We have a lot of unpacking and decorating to do.
Hopefully some of my furniture will be delivered!!
* * * * *
Framed photos by: Pinhole Press