Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Driving around

Today I drove the girls around town, getting last-minute 
gear and supplies for Claire's trip to Samoa on Wednesday.
We got a masonry trowel, work gloves, clothes to play on the beach,
a waterproof camera, and prunes.  
Driving around North Carolina is like going around in a maze.
I need the mountains to help me navigate in which direction I am going.
So I got lost about 50 times, and pretty sure I drove in circles.
I need direction-it's frustrating and embarrassing.
It will all come to me, maybe in 4 years, but it will come.
The girls teased me, and we laughed and laughed.
I couldn't do this without them.
While I am so excited for Claire to be on this amazing trip,
 I have to admit I am freaking out just a little bit.
She will be traveling alone from North Carolina to Los Angeles
 where she will meet up with her HEFY group.  
From there and as a group, they will fly and explore Fiji 
 then head to Samoa.
I am proud of her for doing this; she is SO brave.  
Before Mr. Nielson left for Florida, he gave Claire a beautiful Priesthood blessing. 
 It was full of faith and promises for Claire.  
I hope while she is away from our family, she will
 ponder the words given to her by the Lord through her father. 
I hope she remembers that no matter where she goes, 
she is NEVER lost to the Lord.  He knows her, understands her, and deeply cares for her.
He is helping prepare her so she can give 
and serve His other children of Samoa.
Now I just need to summon my inner Girl Scout and
 help her pack her bag.
Speaking of Scouts, this morning at 6:00 am
I dropped off my boys (and their Tevas)
 at the church where they met with their Scout group.
A big group of leaders and boys drove to Florida, where they will spend
a week of snorkeling, alligator wrestling, star gazing, and
 missing me- I'm just sure of it.

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