Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Stitches at dinner

Before dinner last Sunday afternoon and with 
children huddled around, Dr. Mangum took my stitches out.
It hurt a little, but I am relieved to have those 
thick, uncomfortable blobs of thread in my hand gone!

After all the stitches were out, Dr. Mangum stood up, patted my shoulder
 and jokingly asked me if I wanted to keep the stitches.
It reminded me of my 8th birthday when I got over 40 stitches under my chin
in a swimming accident.
 I kept every single one of those and put them in my scrapbook.  
And yes, I still have them.
But I didn't keep my pinkie stitches.

So now my hand is pretty normal- well, except that it's
burned and missing a pinkie (and it hurts all the time),
 but no more bandages.
And I am constantly self-conscience thinking EVERYONE
 is looking at my hand (among other things),
so I want to keep it hidden.
But I know I can't live like that, 
and I have dealt with this all before (almost every day).
This will just be another adjustment to add to the list.

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