Friday, June 15, 2018

"Hey Umi!"

Today in a cluttered kitchen, I made banana bread.
A candle flickered by the sink, and Angus slept near my feet 
on the cold hardwood floor.
Mr. Nielson had taken the kids to the pool, and the house was quiet.
I was unwrapping things in tissue paper from
 boxes that smelled like cow manure.
The boxes had been hauled across the country sitting in Mr. Nielson's
cattle trailer- which he did power wash before we left,
 but it IS a cattle trailer, and it will always be a cattle trailer.
I missed the ranch for a minute, along with the smells and colors.
I wish I could be in 50 places all at once.
Charlotte and my mom have been face-timing quite a bit.
Yesterday Lottie filmed the entire house showing her all the rooms,
the garage, and the park nearby.
I could hear my mom on the other end oohing and ahhing at 
practically everything Charlotte would say.
"And in this drawer, look! It's our garbage can.
And look in our fridge... a little food in there yet.
Ok, look, here is where Angus eats, 
and here, this is the door that goes outside.
Cool hu!?
Let's go look at the park; oh wait, have I 
already shown you that? Hmmm, what else...".
Watching her share her new surroundings and
life with my mom has been so much fun.
Besides celebrating Christian as the father of our home this weekend,
 we will be preparing Claire for Samoa- lucky girl, and
the boys are headed on a Scout campout to Florida- lucky boys.
Jane, Lottie, and I will power through unpacking boxes, watching movies,
explore the woods, and probably sew something.

*Spiritual Enlightenment: Earthly Father, Heavenly Father.

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