Tuesday, July 18, 2017


Today (in preparation to move), I organized my jewelry.
I have so many fun and unique pieces and it's nice once and awhile 
to do an inventory of what I have, what I wear, 
what I want to save for my girls, and what I need to giveaway.
This is a perk to moving because 
 it forces you go through and really evaluate everything. 
I did this job with the girls close by because my fingers
 can't get stubborn knots out of the chains.
Mr. Nielson and the boys left to Scout camp all week, so it's just us girls
and tonight we had juice and cookies for dinner.  
Nailed it.
I asked Nicholas what he was most excited about for camping
and he told me:
1. Catch fish to eat everyday (gross).
2. Sleep in a tent while it's raining (my favorite too!).
They will have loads of fun, and I am happy they are all together!