Tuesday, March 17, 2015


Today I spent way more time than I should have trying to untangle my necklaces.
Heaven knows how they got so tangled, but they did.
I told my kids I would pay them 2 bucks if they could get them untangled.  
They each tried; and Jane stuck with it the longest, but alas they gave up 
when they couldn't get results.
As my fingers mumbled trying and trying in vain to untangle these necklaces, 
I thought about how I actually felt like this huge knot.  
I get so frustrated when my ideas don't match up to reality.
Or when I don't feel like I am meeting all my obligations.
I hate when I can't find the courage I need, or find the strength to
ask for help or even rely on others who probably can help me.
I just don't know how to ask.
And it feels like lately this is happening so much in my life.
I want for my secret project to take off to help and bless the lives
of many (I really REALLY know it will).
But the knot remains.

But in time with patience and with help (thanks Andrew),
slowly but surely thees necklaces were untangled.
This can also happen to our minds.  We can work through frustration, pain,
unanswered prayers, disappointments, 
and anything else that makes us uptight and anxious.
Here is how I unwind:

1. Sincere prayer
2. Exercise
3. Beet juice
4. Alone time with Mr. Nielson

I can talk through and think logically after these things happen-
no matter how frustrated I feel.
It's so nice to have something to fall back on when 
anxiety or pressure hits.

I know that my secret project will happen.  
When it does, I am pretty sure it will knock your socks off.
(Filming my scars for this "Secret Project" of mine)

And...... Happy St. Patrick's Day!