Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Deathway no more

This morning at first light, two things happened:
1. Lottie jumped into bed with me and snuggled deep in the covers. 
She fell back right back to sleep, and I never did.
I lay awake thinking about our move and so many unknowns.

2. About five cars full of men and two concrete trucks showed 
up and began paving our driveway.

When we first built Fox Hill, we installed a heated driveway
from the garage to the bottom of the hill.
We finished the top half of the driveway by covering the heated pipes
with cement, and planned on doing
 the second half when we had the money.
The top half has been a LIFESAVER in those 
deep winter months when the snow piles up.
With a flip of a switch, the snow melts away.
The second half (the deathway) has been a struggle, but we made it work 
(and I got big huge muscles shoveling the road). 
Today we finally finished it all. Done. Boom.
The new owners are going to LOVE the heated driveway.
"Remove your fear with Faith, and trust in the power of God 
to guide you." 

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